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Rachael Teixeira



"There are too many tight pairs of man-pants, too many "cooler than thou" attitudes, and too much pretension wandering down the streets of Seattle. Where's the soul? Where's the love? Where are the singer chicks, you meat-head? It's all right here, my lovely. Just say please."

Seattle-based singer and songwriter Rachael Teixeira has been making music for as far as she can remember. With a voice that perfectly balances softness and power, Rachael brings a soulful twist to her latest dream pop inspirations. 

Rachael has performed in some of the most renowned theaters in the world's capital of indie music, and has been a part of bands such as If So Facto and The Meadow Roads. Her first EP, The Dark, evolved as the result of a career with more than 15 years of musical experiences.

First EP, The Dark, available now

"I just wish I'd done this earlier." That's what Rachael shared about her first EP, The DarkThe album's name makes justice to its premises: a set of introspective songs - six in total - will take you to the deepest of your soul with themes like solitude and fear.